Carers / Support Workers

We’re incredibly passionate about providing excellent care, so we want to place only the very best candidates.


We’re looking for compassionate natured individuals.


It’s important to be able to work The ability to work with sensitivity and tact.


A desire to help people live as independently as possible.


Care Home Staff

Care Assistants in residential care homes have a varied range of responsibilities, from helping with medication and personal care (washing, using the toilet and dressing) to more domestic tasks like making beds and preparing food. One of the most important parts of the job, though, is simply getting to know residents and giving them emotional support. You’ll need to enjoy spending time with elderly people, helping them live a fulfilled life and preserving their dignity at all times.


In-Home Carers

The main role for in-home carers is to help people live independently. This might mean helping with personal care, domestic work or even assisting with day to day tasks like managing budgets or shopping. You’ll be travelling to care for people in their own homes, so your own transport is essential.


Support Workers

Support workers provide help to a wide variety of people. You might be working with people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, autism - anyone who needs your help. We’re looking for people who can help others to live a fulfilled life, not only with practical assistance, but also by simply being a listening ear and providing emotional support.


Palliative Care Assistants

Palliative care assistants could work in hospitals, hospices or even in people’s homes. You’ll be providing care and support to people who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition. This may mean you’ll be providing end of life care and so emotional support is key, as well as the more practical aspects.


Relief Workers

Relief workers provide cover for any of the above positions when extra staff are needed to cover annual or sickness leave. It’s a more casual way of working and requires some flexibility.


Student Social Workers

We work with our local education faculty to offer positions for students studying towards a social work degree. Our placements offer practical experience and a chance to develop your skills.